Excellent Solutions For Your Business

Ubiquity is a one stop shop for providing solutions to small/ medium businesses. In this day and age of internet predominance and convergence, an online presence for all businesses has ceased to be a differentiator and has become a necessity. Businesses have been left with no choice but to either catch up or perish. We specialise in providing hassle free solutions, helping businesses achieve success.

Key to our business model is the understanding that “One size doesn’t fit all”. All businesses are different and require different solutions to achieve highest level of productivity and achieve best results. We pride ourselves to be business solution architects and not just software engineers. The solutions we provide are developed after careful observation of the client needs and application of our technical expertise to provide the best possible solution for their businesses.

We want technology to drive processes and to be an enabler for businesses to achieve higher efficiency and become more effective.

Our comprehensive portfolio of products and services includes providing integrated software solutions to small and medium businesses. Providing affordable solutions without compromises on functionality and quality is our constant endeavor.